Glad this piece is resonating with some folks, and just wanted to say thanks for commenting. In my case, the managers aren’t heartless so much as under-trained, underpaid, and overworked themselves. Certainly I haven’t seen “eye to eye” with many of my managers over the years, and think they have mis-used their power at times, but what makes it even more complicated is that I do think they mean well. Also wanted to say I AM doing much better! I did take time off, I did get a new job, and I am now dedicated to do more of what I really enjoy through building my own business and getting my ideas out there! Hope others who resonate with this article realize it’s okay to take a break and re-assess. We’re worth it and people need our kindness.

Audrey is an educator, counsellor, and curriculum developer running her own business in Toronto. She writes about social services, mostly.

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